Is the Batterycosmetics System right for me?

The Batterycosmetics System is effective for women and men of all skin types, ages 30+, with visible signs of facial skin-aging.


Will I feel the Batterycosmetics System working?

Yes. You may feel a slight tingle when applying the patch.


How often do I need to use the Batterycosmetics System?

For optimal results, use the Batterycosmetics System twice during the first week, and then maintain your results with weekly treatments (once a week).


How long does each treatment session last?

Each treatment lasts just 20 minutes and can be completed at home, on your own time.


How quickly should I see results?

The deep hydration in one 20 minute treatment leaves skin visibly smoother looking, refreshed, reenergized, and rejuvenated. Visible reduction in the appearance of mild to moderate wrinkles averaged 2 weeks in clinical tests. Speed of results varies depending on severity of wrinkles, and individual skin factors. Allow 4 weeks to see the accumulative results and benefits of consistent use.


Can I apply more than one set of patches on the same day?

No. Do not apply patch treatments more than once every three days. Use only as directed.


What if the patches do not stick properly?

It’s crucial to make sure your skin is thoroughly clean and dry before applying patches, or the infusion treatment will not work properly. We strongly recommend cleansing and drying your entire face to ensure optimum results.


Should I be doing anything else during treatments?

To help get optimal results, avoid too much activity during treatments. For best results, facial muscles should be in a relaxed state.


Can I apply other products on the patches?

No. The ingredients are already infused into each patch. Never apply any other products on to the patches.

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